Machine learning: what it is and why you need it 🦾⚡️

This week we are exploring the space of artificial intelligence. With our posts, you can learn a lot about the technology: how it works, what types of implementation there are, and what way it can be helpful for your business. In case you haven’t read the first article, check it out.

What Is Machine Learning?
You hear a lot about machine learning (ML) because it’s one of the most fascinating aspects of AI. When people talk about machine learning, they are talking about how a computer can learn from examples without needing to see step-by-step instructions.

For the first half of the twentieth century, it was all about teaching basic commands. If someone were to type “hello” into a computer, the ultimate goal would have been to have the computer reply with “how are you.”

If someone typed “hi” into the computer, there would have been no reply. The computer would need to be told to respond to both “hi” and “hello” in the same way.

Without machine learning, every single request needs to be exact and pre-programmed. While a person knows that “hi” and “hello” are the same, a computer without AI needs to be told that. With artificial intelligence, a computer knows “hi” and “hello” are the same.

With machine learning, computers learn in a way that is similar to children. Once they are taught one specific rule or concept, they can start understanding countless related topics.

You might teach a child that matches are dangerous, and they will quickly understand that also means that lighters, bonfires, and all types of open flame are dangerous. Without this type of adaptive intelligence, you would need to explain each and every item separately.

How Is AI Different from Machine Learning?

People often confuse artificial intelligence and machine learning. They use the words interchangeably as if they’re exactly the same thing, but there are some important differences to note.

While machine learning is artificial intelligence, not all artificial intelligence is machine learning. Artificial intelligence is the general term for all types of software that can solve problems on its own. Meanwhile, machine learning is a type of algorithm that allows a computer to learn as it collects data.

Machine learning is only this specific subgroup of AI that allows machines to learn from past data without being programmed. Though not all artificial intelligence uses machine learning, it is a core component.

Machine learning works to bring artificial intelligence to its ultimate goal: to create a computer system that solves complex problems like a human.

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