Discord augmented reality👾

Gaming chat app leader Discord has acquired Ubiquity6. This is an augmented reality startup that has raised millions of dollars this year.

Top investors like Benchmark, First Round, Kleiner Perkins believed in the AR startup’s success. That helped to raise $37,5 million. The latest disclosed investment was $27 million in 2018.

Initially, Ubiquity6 planned to create an app that would allow browse augmented reality content. In 2019 the company released Displayland. That was designed to gamify the process 3D scanning the surrounding world with a phone camera.

However, the product did not succeed as a mobile AR market could not receive a boost, regardless of Apple and Google’s investments.

In the last months Ubiquity 6 shifted from augmented reality to a desktop platform for playing simple party games. Backyard is a beta platform, developed for the COVID-19 epoch. It was ceased last week as part of the acquisition announcement.

According to Midha, their aim at Ubiquity has always been to expose users to news ways of connecting via shared experience. Joining Discord enables them to accomplish it faster - Ubiquity6 and Backyard will be implemented into Discord.