The most favorable countries for startups 🙌

Denmark 🇩🇰 — effective taxes, flexible employment and dismissal.
This is the best country in Europe to start your own business.

✔️a system ‘flexicurity’ which helps you reduce the costs for scaling business operations up;
✔️you can register your company within several workdays;
✔️no requirement for the citizenship of business heads, particularly CEO;
✔️an efficient tax for launching your business;
✔️no notarial activities.

Norway 🇳🇴 — digital communications.
The country possesses a strong digitalized economy. Registering a business and the tax system don’t take much time or effort.

✔️perfect for online businesses as there is a virtual interaction with the government;
✔️the emphasis is on the tech industry;
✔️labor market is full of qualified specialists;
✔️high economic and state stability.
✔️access to production expertise and investors;
✔️developed trade links with EU;
✔️great communication and transport infrastructure.

New Zealand 🇳🇿 — a quick setup.
This is one of the best countries to both live and work. Inclusive legislation and favorable immigration regulations attract entrepreneurs around the globe.

✔️business and property registration takes 1-2 days;
✔️well-educated and qualified workforce;
✔️low costs for remuneration;
✔️no salary or capital gains taxes;
✔️LLC — a legal person independent from stockholders.

Singapore 🇸🇬 — powerful investment opportunities.
The country is famous for its large international companies. Thanks to its favorable startup ecosystem, Singapore is really attractive for global investors.

✔️one of the richest countries on the planet;
✔️politically and economically sustainable;
✔️convenient location in Asia;
✔️competitive market of intelligent specialists;
✔️no dividend or capital gains taxes.

Canada 🇨🇦 — innovative engineering.
This is a brilliant choice for doing an innovative business. There is a strong engineering expertise predicated on governmental support.

✔️reputation of the center of high-tech products;
✔️tax credits for developing new products;
✔️proximity with the US, developed infrastructure, investments opportunities;
✔️a huge market of highly skilled workers, developed immigration legislation;
✔️convenient geographical location, trade links with Asia, EU, and America.

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