Wrong business aims 🎯

People start their own business for different reasons. Some of them aim to make a bunch of money, others strive to find themselves. However, frequently these aims don’t work in the long run. You may get disappointed because business world is not fair and generous. Initially, it will take almost everything you have and give you nothing back. Though if you work hard and set correct aims, your business will pay you back in full.

When young entrepreneurs start their own business, their aim is frequently money. The truth is in business it’s much easier to lose money rather than make them. Magazines normally write only about successful cases. However, the vast majority of startups are predetermined to fail.

Even though you are lucky and your business ends up successful, you will have to go through a very long way. First, you have to reach operational efficiency, return investments, pay off your debts, and then reinvest, because it’s necessary for a growing business. Only after managing this, you can keep some money to yourself.

One more misconception is that business will set you free. Indeed, you become a real slave of you business for the nearest future. The biggest challenge is to raise your business from scratch. You will have to work hard without days-off. Your employees can quit at any point as well as stockholders can sell their shares. Though the business head has to take care of their business till the end.

Once you achieve success, maybe some people will respect you more. However, you will spend substantially less time with your nearest and dearest, which is probably more important. The point is your own respect to yourself which shouldn’t depend on business.

You can find personal fulfillment by studying or working for a corporation. Your own business means you have to do it at your own expenses because you are in charge of all the processes of the startup. The price of such self-fulfillment is high: your time, health, and missed opportunities.

Of course, if you like risky and exciting lifestyle, you will enjoy at some point. However, entrepreneurs lives often mean mere bureaucracy. Unpleasant talks with tax inspectors, banks, creditors, and fired employees — considerable part of any business.

Then, what is really worth doing business?
These should be big aims. All the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet had their own mission that inspired them. Of course, you may seek for money to satisfy your basic needs and others’ respect to feel more confident. Though they shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. Think up your own mission in business and make it your final aim.

What aim do you have in doing business? Share in the comments! 💬