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Despite Finland’s small population, the startup environment has been growing significantly. Many Finnish companies have entered the list of 100 the most sustainable companies in the world. In 2019, Finland was responsible for 10% the world's startup exits, which reveals the country’s outstanding economic progress.


The amount of investments: $150 million
The startup manages companies’ open source data infrastructure in the cloud. This way, Aiven allows developers to concentrate on building applications. Users can shift data between clouds or adopt a multi-cloud approach. Though the startup was founded 5 years ago, now it is valued at $800 million. Aiven plans to develop further raising its contributions to bring new products out.


The amount of investments: $55,4 million
This is a Finnish software startup that operates a managing waste platform and helps businesses with recycling. The technology is aimed at enhancing companies’ waste systems and making them sustainable. Collection based on Enevo’s smart plans significantly reduces costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution, and work hours.


The amount of investments: $100 million
The startup creates both hardware and software for augmented and virtual reality. Varjo specializes in developing high-resolution devices that offer clarity comparable to the human eye. The startup technology allows to be in any place in the world. You can scan the surroundings and digitize the world around if you like. Via Varjo Reality Cloud anybody in the world can join you and see it exactly the way you see it. The company claims it could create a new form of human interaction and universal collaboration.


The amount of investments: $150 million
The company generates extremely as irate and modern satellite images. The aim is to help businesses make better choices according to a range of factors that the images show. The Finnish startup has achieved Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat (GTR) imaging with ICEYE radar satellites. This brand-new function enables detecting everything from large changes to such detailed changes on-ground that a person on-site would not be able to recognize.


The amount of investments: €70 million
This is a Finnish startup that develops the hardware for universal quantum computers. The target audience is manufactures and developers of superconducting technology. IQM technology even resulted in a number of breakthroughs in heat management. The company forecast new technologies that will appear thanks to quantum computing possibilities.

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