Pinterest: the Story of a Billion Dollar Photo Collection 📸🎑

You've probably heard of Pinterest many times and maybe even used to get inspired for an upcoming photo shoot or home renovation. But how did this service manage to gain such popularity? Let us tell you.

What is Pinterest?

This is a photo hosting service that partially resembles a social network. The company makes it convenient to share photos, sign them with tags, or save pictures for different purposes.

Nowadays the application is popular among women and girls. The main reason is a large number of cute, "toy", inspiring pictures aimed specifically at a female audience.


The author of the project is Ben Silbermann, an American internet entrepreneur with a background in consulting. The idea came to him during his work at Google, in 2006. At that point, Ben was developing small programs for the advertising department.

After 2 years, he and his friend decided to finalize and launch their own project — an application for saving images of goods and products from companies that made mailings. The startup was named "Tote", but it turned out to be unsuccessful and shut down eventually.

However, Silbermann still was committed to starting up a business. So he met a partner, Evan Sharp, with whom he released a new application into the world.

The guys were really fond of infographics and considered pictures with a convenient structure to be the best way to get and memorize information. That’s how Pinterest was born.

The main idea was to make it possible to collect images in one place, divide them by subject if necessary, and share with friends. There is no chronological order or time limitations — users could simply save their favorite photos and establish their own digital galleries.

The key driver of Pinterest's growth was the analysis of actions and search for new opportunities to push the project forwards. So if it was necessary to buy out someone else's startup, the company did so without a hitch.

As a result, instead of wasting time and money on developing individual functions from scratch, they brought out almost ready-made solutions.

Today, the project has no problems with monetization, American users take it not only as a source of inspiration, but also a full-fledged, stylish marketplace with advertising and purchase options.


Pinterest provides users with a great dose of creativity and inspiration. They can look for ideas to decorate their room, create an outfit, or arrange a wedding. On top of that, by browsing a lot of adorable pictures, they can develop their sense of style and learn hot trends.

🌟Competitive advantages

First and foremost, Pinterest provides increasing engagement and loyalty of potential consumers due to fascinating and inspiring pictures. They persuade users to make online purchases to get their favorite things.

Secondly, the app includes a search for partners and suppliers who advertise their activities on the site through photos and videos. In addition, the service has such a powerful tool as viral content which intensively boosts the promotion.