Top 5 questions investors may ask you 🙋🏼‍♂️❔

A good pitch is the key to your startup’s success. The hardest thing about it is to answer investors’ questions. If you fail to give an appropriate answer, you lose. Though it’s impossible to know the questions in advance, there are some typical things investors are likely to ask.

What deters your growth?

Here you should mention the key things which may prevent your startup from sustainable development. By saying nothing you just make an impression that you are not prepared enough. Any business is vulnerable and can be negatively influenced by something. So it’s better to provide investors with several factors that might impede your startup.

Who is your target audience and why would they need your product?

To answer this question, you have to be well aware of your customers: who they are, what problems they have, and why your product is a great solution to them. Be ready to give some research evidence and facts about your target audience to sound more credible.

Describe scenarios of your product use

Here you should demonstrate how well you know your product and its advantages. The more scenarios you provide, the better. However, remember they should be well-thought-out and meaningful.

What technology are you using?

This is a crucial question. Investors like tech-based startups and innovative things. Show that your startup is cutting-edge and it is implementing disruptive technologies.

What functional limitations does your product/service have?

Some are afraid to speak about their product limitations because it might look not in the best light. However, no platform possesses a boundless capacity. So elaborate on the limitations of your product to reveal its functionality from different aspects.

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