It's time to look for investors. Why can a good idea make millions?

The second quarter of 2021 was the largest in terms of the number of investments in startups in the last 10 years. The volume of investments broke all previous records: it grew by 157% compared to last year and reached $ 156 billion.

Venture capitalists have increased the size and pace of their investments.

Investors completed 10 deals worth more than $ 1 billion. This list is topped by the Swedish company Northvolt AB, one of the largest battery manufacturers in Europe. The company raised $ 2.75 billion, led by Goldman Sachs and Volkswagen.

This makes the current moment ideal for startups that are now raising investment.

Distribution areas

The pandemic has raised the demand for digital services to a new level: consumer behavior has become digital and it will not change. Following this, the volume of online purchases, contactless payments, and the number of deliveries increased in the world. Hence the interest of investors in fintech startups, projects in e-commerce and retail, startups in the field of logistics and courier services, edtech projects.

Fintech companies took on 22% of all global funding in the second quarter and posted an annual growth rate of 191%.

With the rise in ransomware and cyberattacks, companies are focusing more and more on quickly detecting intruders. This stimulates investment in cybersecurity projects.

The pandemic has only highlighted the importance of healthcare and biotechnology, sparking interest in a wide range of health-focused products and services, including digital health and medical devices.

All industries that took off in 2021 are actively using artificial intelligence algorithms to create technological products. That is why investments in artificial intelligence have also broken all records.

The year 2021 could end with a staggering investment, so now is the best time for startups to pick up investment rounds.

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