How to build a personal brand without tons of money 💁🏼‍♀️💫

Your personal brand is a crucial component of a successful business. Creating a personal brand means to establish your public image for your target customers, partners, and other entrepreneurs. Simply speaking, this is what you are known for. Once you own an excellent personal brand, you are ahead of the game.

What is it?

Your personal brand — a commonly recognized impression of you. This includes your experience, competencies, expertise, and achievements. All these shape your reputation — the way people think of you. As soon as you’ve built a favorable personal brand, people are more likely to trust, believe, and work with you.

Moreover, this is an unfair competitive advantage — something that substantially sets you apart from other competitors. An immaculate reputation is the key to promote your business in case you lack money.

How to build it?

Step 1.
First of all, you should clearly formulate what your business is like and how it differs from competitors’. In the beginning, it’s hard to plan what your personal brand is going to look like in the end.

However, it is firmly based on the knowledge and skills you possess. So, list your strong points, unique features, and other special things you like about yourself. Afterwards, analyze the overall picture of your personal traits and see what you got.

Step 2.
Come up with a unique selling proposition — the thing which distinguishes you from competitors. Describe yourself, your business and its advantages. Even though you’ve chosen a niche that is full of other players, specify what way you differ from them.

It may be helpful to ask your friends and relatives what you are associated with. They will let you understand your image better. By learning something new about yourself, you will be able to rethink the brand. At the same time, it’s important to be associated with your company, so that people recall your name once they come across your business.

Step 3.
Create both online and offline content of your personal brand. It means not only your appearance and behavior in real life but also the way you behave on the Internet. Everything you post, text, or comment influences your personal brand.

If you only start your branding, make a photo shoot to post nice pictures of a good quality. Try to keep the photos in a single style.

Have you already created your personal brand? If not, how would you do it? Share in the comments! 💬