Mark Zuckerberg: how to make a go off in business 🚀💯

After founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made a true revolution in the digital space. His fortune amounts to $120 billion. However, he didn’t stop at this. Lately, Mark has announced his intention to build a real metaverse. He split a couple of tips on how to think big and achieve success in business.

Result equals the time
It is no secret that rich people are very hardworking. Therefore, focus on the thing you are fond of. Mark is sure you will get what you devote your time to. So, invest in the business you truly appreciate. The more you work on it, the more profit you are likely to get.

Feedback is important
Every month Facebook arranges special seminars for employees where they can ask any question to Mark. It’s important to build a rapport with your staff. Mark asserts that openness and communication are the bottom line of Facebook. Its mission — to make the world more connected.

Bring something new to the world
When you start doing a business, it’s super hard. You might fail at any point. The thing is to be tenacious and keep going whatever it takes. The best entrepreneurs created companies not for money. They sought to bring in something that had not existed before. Mission and business go hand in hand with each other.

Work for yourself
Zuckerberg is certain that the fastest way to make money — to start a business for yourself. Mark claims if a person has a brain, they don’t have any moral authority not to work for themselves. Otherwise, they give most of their time and achievements to the employer.

Believe in yourself
Self-confidence is more important than it seems to be. If a person doesn’t believe in themselves, how can others do? You might be genius or possess all the necessary skills, but without self-belief you won’t do your best. The lack of confidence inevitably leads to fail. Even though nobody believes in you, never lose faith in yourself.

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