Common founders’ mistakes when looking for investments 🙅🏻‍♂️💰

Failing to establish a competitive environment
A successful search of investments depends on your ability to make people like your startup. The hardest thing is to get the first offer. As soon as you achieve it, you gain an advantage.

Now if other investors are not prompt enough, they risk to miss a potentially profitable project. You may wait for the first offer for a while. Though once you get it, you will gain 10 more very quickly.

Poor pitching skills
Even having a great idea, many founders fail to present it properly and get refused as a result. The secret of a brilliant pitch is to speak about the business aspects you truly admire.

Be enthusiastic about what you are speaking about. Only by showing your passion, you can get investors inspired.

Investors want to see your commitment to the idea. Tell them how you are working on the startup, what goals you seek to accomplish, and why your idea is worth their attention.

Investors are looking for innovative things. So prove that your product is a great innovation.

Excessive process optimization
Many entrepreneurs try to use various tricks in order to gain money. However, everything is simpler: if your idea is really good, it will raise funds.

Attracting investments is not so hard as it seems. Make a list of investors you are interested in, contact them, and explain why your company is likely to bring in much money. Mention your mission, product qualities, prospects, market analysis, and long-term advantages.

Unwillingness to listen
Investors are cautious by their nature while founders are prone to be optimistic. Therefore, when investors say "no", entrepreneurs may hear "just a couple of appointments more and I might say yes".

However, it all means a refusal, so don’t be fooled and spend more time speaking with other investors.

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