Top books for entrepreneurs 📚👨🏼‍💼

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to think like them. Books can help you out here. They store the precious heritage of the greatest entrepreneurs: their experience, faults, and findings. This way you can learn something valuable and, of course, get inspired. Though sometimes it’s hard to find a decent book. Don’t worry, we have done it for you. Enjoy!

📙Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill
This book is a guide on how to become successful by an American journalist. He interviewed 500 successful people and came up with a universal formula of success. The thing is a special philosophy which leads to well-being.

We are often prone to think that wealth is for special people. However, Napoleon Hill is intended to prove you wrong. ‘Think and grow rich’ will help overcome your fears and make you believe in yourself.

📘The Lean Startup — Eric Ries
The book introduces a new method of how to quickly test an idea and select business models. The lean startup method is based on the rapid testing of ideas on real consumers. It is also includes the regular correcting of a business model. The aim of the method is to begin large-scale investments in the product once the idea is factually proven.

📒Zero to One — Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
Peter Thiel is an entrepreneur who created PayPal system and the first Facebook investor. The book is sort of his notes about startups. Peter analyzes examples of Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other companies. He explains by company cases what strategy a startup should follow in order to go from zero to hero and reach the monopoly status.

📕Good to Great — Jim Collins
The book analyzes numerous companies which shifted from good results to outstanding ones and managed to sustain them throughout many years. Jim Collins’ research team overviews factors and conditions that are essential for achieving such progress, and its mechanisms as well.

📔Delivering Happiness — Tony Hsieh
This is a story about how the founder of Zappos created a company from scratch and made it the US leader in customer service. The book vividly describes highs and lows of the company and how it overcame difficulties on the way to success.

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