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Japan is a fascinating country where the vast technological progress goes hand in hand with traditional culture. Business is respected and valued here: 55% of GDP refers to small and medium business. Currently, Japanese startup culture has been intensively developing. The government implements startup programs. According to ‘Abenomics’, 20 tech unicorns are expected to emerge by 2023. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the prominent startup that already operate in Japan.

Total funding amount: ¥194 billion
Business model: software

The company produces records in the local insurance system and programs for encouraging staff. SmartHR creates automatically prepared forms for public bodies. The startup managed to raise $140 million investments. Japanese companies bring HR activities into the digital age. SmartHR makes HR simpler for Japanese companies by replacing spreadsheets and paperwork with a user-friendly online solution. Today, SmartHR delivers massive savings for companies across diverse segments from high techs.

Total funding amount: ¥1,5 billion
Business model: software

The startup develops AI-based business platforms to extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks. The company provides a computer system that has human intelligence such as academic, recognition, and judgment. It allows users to select appropriate and flexible correspondence according to the partner and to be concentrated on creative work.

One tap buy
Total funding amount: ¥14,6 billion
Business model: software

This is a financial smartphone application. The application allows users to select the stocks they want to buy and sell, helps them to decide amounts, and purchase stocks by spending a lesser amount of money. Stocks can be traded throughout the day. Besides, users can buy and sell only profits and keep the stocks with them.

Total funding amount: ¥6,3 billion
Business model: app

This is a digital health company. With the help of CureApp users can make notes about their health condition and receive a prognosis for their disease. Additionally, the app offers individual recommendations on diet, lifestyle, and habits. They help defeat chronic diseases and give up smoking. The collected data about users’ health are directed to the head centre for statistical research.

Total funding amount: ¥230 million
Business model: app

The company presents a subscription-based mobile dating app that aims at safety for its users. In order to use the app, people must go through a double-review system consisting of the company itself and existing users. The users who liked each other can take a probationary period. This allows them to talk only during a limited time, e.g from 10 pm until 1 am.

Total funding amount: ¥400 million
Business model: app

The startup enables users to change their appearance during video calls. The algorithms scan the mimics and gestures. After that they can put any image on them. For example, you can appear at an online conference in a business suit, wearing a pajama indeed. Moreover, you can try on Darth Vader’s attire. The app is integrated into Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Twitch.

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