How to build a metaverse 🪐✨

Companies crave to see virtual worlds where all the technologies and devices would be brought together. It resembles a plot from a fantasy book, though may be a reality soon.

The notion of ‘metaverse’ has become very popular. It is used in games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft. In 2021 the heads of Microsoft, Epic Games, and Facebook started speaking about their own meta-universe. And each of them views it differently.

So, what is a metaverse?
According to Neal Stephenson, this is the next stage of the Internet development - a shared digital world. It would unite ‘physical’, augmented, and virtual realities. People can join it and do everything like in the real world: go shopping, search information, work, and yet escape reality.

Matthew Ball is a venture investor and metaverse ideologist. He listed several features of this concept: endless existence, working economy, independence from outer factors, and the compatibility of data, assets, and content.

In April 2021 Epic Games attracted $1 billion to maintain a long-term metaverse vision. One of its games, Fortnite, has become a cultural phenomenon. People use it as a real virtual shelter. They can visit concerts, watch movies, and listen to music online. Brands can take advantage of Fortnite by advertising their products.