Rules of pitch deck: how to make others believe in your project 💡

Pitch deck is a brief presentation that gives investors, partners, or customers an overview of your business. This directly determines the further success of your project. If your pitch deck appeals to investors, they are likely to put their money in it. Any pitch is a public performance. So here are some tips on how to perform properly.

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Set a super goal
This is what you want an investor to think or do after listening to your pitch deck. Basically, it’s an ultimate aim of your performance. It should be ambitious and yet achievable.

While preparing the presentation, ask yourself: “what is the super goal of my pitch deck?” The first thing which probably comes to your mind — to make people invest in your startup. Though, frankly speaking, hardly anyone can raise funds only after a pitch deck.

Frequently, entrepreneurs have another super goal — to convey the whole business plan to investors. This is quite attainable. Is it ambitious enough, though? Of course, not. At the end of the day, you want to raise investments.

The most important thing you can achieve through your pitch deck — to make an investor come back with a request. In this case, you can show the details, elaborate on issues, and charm.

Give hooks
What do you need to do in order to get investors interested in your project? The answer is simple: interest them. Find a special hook — something catchy and extraordinary.

Ask yourself why you are interested in doing this business. Ask your co-founders and partners why they are committed to the project. Maybe you have different hooks, which is fine. The more hooks you find and use in a pitch deck, the more chances to attract investors.

Hooks can be different. One of the classic examples — social networks. If all your friends surf Facebook, you are more likely to use it as well.

The other example — the company develops a B2C app which is supposed to make a network effect. It means the more people use the app, the more profit other customers get.

In terms of a pitch deck, this is a well-prepared presentation: its structure, content and the quality of your performance. Check out the rules here. Prepare for the performance by practicing your speech beforehand.

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