How a cure for COVID-19 of water, salt, and vinegar brought $millions

What is the company?
Force of Nature is an American startup that makes cleaning products based on electrolysis. Electrolyzer is a small device containing salt water and vinegar to turn tap water into electrolyzed.

How it began
Sandy Posa is the founder of the company. He and other founders started looking for a technology that could change the industry. In 2007 they found a startup making a cleaning product. Force of Nature liked the idea and adapted it. They wanted to make a similar product that would cost up to $50. That is how the company idea was born.

In 2016 the company stood up against the industry of chemical refining. Instead Force of Nature suggested a new device that allowed to make electrolysis water at home. After the launch, sales were growing but EPA slowed its growth for 3 years. However, it helped the company get prepared for another rival - COVID-19.
The production was launched in April 2016. The major buyers were nurses, manual therapists, and office workers.
However, EPA intervened into the process and claimed that we broke the law. Even though their product was not toxic, it did not meet some of EPA requirements for disinfectants.

They decided to get rid of disinfection status, rename the product and kept selling it on Amazon. In the meantime they were undergoing the EPA process of approval.
Over the years of struggle Force of Nature changed the product design in order to attract attention on social media. When the product was redesigned, the founders patented the electrolyzer.

Overwhelming success
In March 2020 the pandemic started to develop. Companies began to release products with false claims that they were effective to cure coronavirus.
However, electrolyzed water does kill coronavirus and the company had EPA approval. That was a real advantage.
At some point demand even started to prevail over supply. That is why the company decided to discard the promotion on the net. Over 3 months Force of Nature had a tenfold demand growth. The company became 6 times bigger by 2020.

Current aims and future predictions
Sandy Posa believes that the problem with EPA boosted their growth. It eventually allowed to get information people needed during the pandemic. Today the company’s problem is to look for business promotion tools. The founder adds that what they do is the future of cleaning industry.