Jack Ma’s advice on business & life

This is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet. Jack has founded Alibaba, become a multibillionaire, and reached the top list in Forbes. Jack Ma is even called ‘Asian Bill Gates’ for his grand achievements.

Jack didn’t stop at anything. At first, he couldn’t even enter the university and didn’t manage to get a job at KFC. You can read his biography here. Now, Ma is on a roll, though. Let’s see what things helped him make dreams come true.

▪️If you can’t find a good job — create it
Jack is convinced complaints about circumstances and fails don’t work. The majority of successful entrepreneurs are optimists. They never complain or give up. They always try to solve others’ problems. Be optimistic and don’t put the blame for mistakes on others. Hope for the best and work. If you have never tried, how can you know what the chance is?

▪️Look for opportunities instead of complaints
What has called the world’s attention to Jack Ma is what made him who he is today. Small Chinese producers and sellers complained about the lack of the sales market and limited opportunities for international trading. Jack Ma examined the problem and used the Internet to tackle it.

▪️Remember your aim and gather like-minded people around
Ma views teamwork as a core value. Therefore, it’s important to frankly speak to your team about what you are willing to do. Be devoted to your dream and convince others that you can turn it into reality.

No matter what your investors, parents or friends think. What matters is your team’s beliefs. The point is if you and your team are committed to achieving the goal, keep following it whatever other people say.

▪️Follow the innovative spirit
The novelty and promise of your business model — the key. The company’s size and turnovers are not the main thing. What is more important is solutions based on innovativeness and targeted at development.

However, there is no need to always view things critically or do everything in your own way. A successful startup doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel: it needs only meaningful innovations.

▪️Help others
A business model should be predicated on help. As soon as other people are happy, you can be regarded successful. Small sellers always thanked Jack Ma for creating a system that facilitated product sales. Currently, Alibaba Group (ALIExpress, TMall, TaoBao, AliPay) has over 100 million buyers. This audience allows 50 million small businesses to make money.

▪️Don’t focus on missed opportunities
Jack Ma is certain there are always opportunities. At one of his conferences, Jack noted an interesting thing about the Internet. For the last 20 years information technologies have been developing not intensively but extensively.

Now we are entering a new stage of the Internet evolution. This is an epoch of shared use and responsibility for information. Keep exploring the Internet and looking for something new.

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