Pavel Durov: 7 Tips from Telegram’s Founder 🧑🏽‍💻📱

However, Pavel didn’t lose heart at that point. Instead, he set off to the USA for building a new social network that would be free from government censorship and control. That’s how Telegram was born.

Currently, his fortune amounts to $15 billion while the number of Telegram users has hit 500 million. Pavel proves that you can achieve everything not through inheritance and connections, but through resistance and passion. Let us share 5 arousing quotations from him.

🌟Take all the opportunities. If life brings you together with a professional in any field, try to understand how they achieved success, what steps they took, and what they thought about. Study all your life, learn new things, keep working on yourself.

☀️Get up early. Morning is the most favorable time for work. It is not for nothing that all Buddhist monks meet the dawn, meditate in the morning, and are filled with the power of awakening.

📚Learn foreign languages. This will help you in many areas, including your career. When you study another language, you broaden your horizons by feeling the culture of other peoples. Remember that the center of development and progress is now located on the other side of the border, including the language one.

🌍Start traveling. Many people claim that they do not have money for this, while completely not realizing that the quality of trips does not depend on your budget. Think out of the box and look for opportunities. When you see the diversity of this world, you stop focusing only on yourself and the nearest space.

🧘🏽‍♂️Stay focused. High concentration and perseverance are the two qualities that will determine a successful person in the era of global computerization. Only those who can fully focus on their business can achieve maximum results.

📖Read books. If you don’t know what to read, study your professional field, delve into psychology, history, natural science, and biographies of successful people. No time to read? Listen to books on the record. The ideal option is one book per week. You should read at least 50 books a year. Trust me, this will totally change your life.

🕰Manage your time. The world we live in is incredibly accelerating. So you have to learn how to manage your time, skillfully build a business process in such a way that everything works with minimal interference from you.