Starbucks’ secrets to success🧋🍰

Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the world. The company is now valued at $150 billion and owns 22,500 coffee shops all over the world. In the previous article we told you about Starbuck’s story: how it was established and what challenges they faced. Though, it’s also worth noting the reasons why Starbucks became that popular. So, let’s go through the keys to its overwhelming success.

Coffee is not the point
Starbucks offers very good coffee, indeed. However, when they asked customers to give 5 reasons for visiting their coffee shop, social experience was placed the first.

Many people come to Starbucks to talk, work, or even simply watch other visitors. It’s for a reason: the founders set up the communicative environment on purpose. Howfard Schultz is certain that Starbucks attracts customers by not only coffee, but also a personal experience. The staff built a perfect place for it: comfortable couches, free wi-fi, and fireplaces.

Coffee matters
Starbucks is famous for its high-quality coffee. The company had to put much effort in order to keep up with their status. For example, the coffee beans in big sacks lost their flavor before they were used. Therefore, the company came up with their own technology of powder coffee.

‘Cappuccino for John!’ — that’s what we hear at Starbucks. The coffee shop sticks to a personalized approach: little pleasant things. For example, the names of customers are written on the cups. Such personal and welcoming attitude appeals to clients which makes them come back.

One dollar a year
In many coffee shops they pay 1$ a year to lessors. Lessors themselves don’t end up out of pocket, though. Starbucks is sure that clients will come for the ambience, coffee, or their names written on the cups. Therefore, the coffee shops are often opened in disadvantaged areas. Of course, they didn’t fight crime, but attracted customers.

Smart sleeves
A paper cup gets hot very quickly despite the low heat conductivity of paper. That’s why Starbucks started to put additional sleeves of corrugated fiberboard on the cups. Besides, they sell thermos bottles which are heat-protective and eco-friendly as they can be used many times.

You can always buy a nice music disk at Starbucks. The same music will play at the time of purchase and other Starbucks coffee shops around the world. This makes a customer more attached to the company.

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