Indian unemployment boosted Apna’s growth

Apna is a startup that helps blue- and grey-collar Indian workers acquire new skills and apply for a job. Though it was created just 22 months ago, Apna has become the youngest firm that got a unicorn status.

Tiger Global led a round within which the startup has already raised $100 million. A Series C, a new round, valued Apna in $1,1 billion. The investors got very excited and interested as the firm started growing considerably. Apna has gained over 16 million users in its Android app.

Loads of low-skilled workers come to India in order to find a job. Plus, many of them have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In order to help them, Apna has created an app providing a working community. They can share their experience, knowledge, and tips on better interview performing.

Additionally, the platform allows the workers to connect with employers. They include the presentatives of Urban Company, Burger King, Zomato, and others.

Parikh, the Apna founder, came up with this idea when he found out how challenging it is to find work assistance, even though there are many workers. He realized that there was a huge disconnect between them. Therefore, Apna was meant to cope with this problem.

Currently the startup is ready to actively expand. The app is going to include more Indian cities and afterwards become global.