Southeast Asia’s start-ups rock the market

According to Jungle Ventures, Southeast Asia’s tech start-ups were valued at $340 billion last year. By 2025 they are likely to have a valuation of $1 trillion, referring to a venture capital firm.

Potential growth
When calculating it, the firm checked the information of public access on 31 start-ups with a minimum valuation of $250 million.

Amit Anand is the founding partner at Jungle Ventures. He claimed: “If you look at the growth rate of the last 3-5 years in Southeast Asia, if it continues, which by all means it will, you’re going to head to a trillion dollars even before 2025”.

Internet Economy
Southeast Asia hosts 400 million web-users, 10% of which first went online in 2020. The online economy of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are the largest ones in the region. They are expected to reach $300 billion by 2025. Investors, particularly private equity, write great checks which maintains good funding. The start-ups in Southeast Asia set a record $6 billion in the first three months of the year.

Further Strategies
Many prospective start-ups are seeking to go public. Some of them have claimed their ambitious intentions. Grab, a Ride-Hailing giant, announced that it would go public via a SPAC merger, which had a valuation of $39.6 billion.
PropertyGuru, a company based in Singapore, is also bound to go public in the same way.

Going public by means of black-check companies will allow the start-ups to be examined by investors, particularly, the US ones.
The exit values of most start-ups are still below $1 billion. However, based on promising predictions, the Southeast start-ups are likely to considerably grow.

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