by Wasa
Overall Impression
The idea refers to the agrifarm industry, which shows its usefulness for society, especially for farmers. Wasa tells us that he plans to provide local people with food at affordable prices by giving an opportunity to farmers to produce potatoes with minimum efforts in terms of financial spending.

Potatoes are considered to be a demanded product in the world, however local farmers may spend a lot of money to produce it, allocating funds to growing, logistics and other necessary things to bring food from the ground to consumers.

Overall, this idea is focused on lowering price for this process and improving ecological aspects, especially - climate adaptation is what our startupper focuses on.

Video-Pitch Analysis
Generally, the pitch is good enough, as well as its quality. Startuppers managed to explain his idea in less than a minute, which is a brilliant point, noticing that the basic concept is shown, and the viewers may understand what this idea is about.

Another positive aspect is the emotional component - Wasa tells about his idea emotionally, which brings us an understanding he is highly acknowledged about the industry he works in.

It is significant to explain your idea as short as possible, providing all necessary points. It increases your chances to be listened to by investors and make them become interested in your idea.

There are a lot of players in this market. For example, the Indian startup Farm2Farm, which grows microgreens, or Farmcrowdy, located in Lagos (Nigeria), which connects farm sponsors with real farmers to increase food production.

We do not find them the direct competitors of Rooters, but their services may compete with it. However, if Rooters provides a unique feature, it will be interesting for potential consumers.

Usefulness. The idea provides conditions and assistance for farmers, saving their finances and improving the effectiveness of their work.

Cost-cutting. We guess this startup does not require a great amount of money to be implemented and developed further.

Prospects. This startup has a variety of ways to be enlarged on the market by adding new functions, services and cooperating with other agricultural projects.

Lack of revenue model. We have not heard about how this startup would generate money on its development. It is an important point to be shown and explained. The future of the idea depends upon the revenue model it is planning to use.

Market Potential
We see the future of this idea on the agricultural market, since it may improve the conditions farmers work in. Nevertheless, it is difficult for us to state the enlargement of the idea to the world market, since now we find it useful on local markets.

That is why we have mentioned the point about adding new services in the future. It may help to make the startup more flexible and attract new customers out of local markets, bringing more money and adding new ways of development.

We find this startup interesting and promising for us and for potential investors. Wasa, do not stop working on your idea and keep going to the top players of the world!
by Nurudeen Abdulsalaam
Briefly about the idea
Nurudeen Abdulsalaam proposes to create a platform on which background information on various topics will be presented in the format of one-minute videos.

General impression
The idea is interesting if it could be introduced into the educational process. The attention of children and adolescents to video formats is always increased, rather than to text information.

🆘Possible difficulties
High competition. Educational content in the format of 1-minute videos can be found on such platforms as Youtube, Tik-tok, Instagram, etc.

Also, the format of short video explanations is used by such information resources as Investopedia, wikiHow and other services.

Therefore, the idea of QA LIVE will develop in a tough competitive environment. The authors of the idea need to think better about the concept in order to get the attention of the audience.

Organization of work. I would like to get a more detailed description of the organizational part from the representatives of the idea of QA LIVE.

How experts will be selected, how requests will be collected and processed, how good shooting/video quality will be ensured, etc. All these are important parts of the big idea mechanism that should be debugged.

Monetization. Working with professional experts will require rewards for their efforts and work. In a highly competitive environment, it is important to build a flexible and convenient monetization system.

✅Positive aspects
Educational orientation. Startups and ideas in the field of education are gaining additional popularity. Their humanistic foundation attracts investors and gathers many supporters. Therefore, the idea of QA LIVE with the proper level of quality can become an excellent service in the field of educational technologies.

Using the trend. The QA LIVE team is basing its idea on a big trend that has already shown its stability. More and more text is being replaced by short videos and clips.

Therefore, the development of the idea will be faster and more active, and the team will be able to win its part of the loyal audience.

User-friendliness. With proper implementation of the idea, QA LIVE will become a convenient platform where users will be able to spend a lot of time with benefits for their development.

The idea seems interesting, but its implementation is associated with the refinement and formation of the mechanism of interaction between the audience and experts.

We wish Nurudeen Abdulsalaam and his team great success on his journey!
by Glogpor Kossi Joel
Briefly about the idea
Glogpor Kossi Joel proposes to create a startup that will help businessmen who have left their countries to run a business from abroad.

General perception
Akadi is seen as an important step towards high-quality and convenient business management from anywhere in the world. But at the same time, the idea carries certain «pitfalls».

❌Possible difficulties
Technical issues. Business management is a complex concept that includes the regulation of the operational part, legal issues, security and other areas. Moreover, different branches of management will require regular answers to point questions.

As a result, the creation of an affordable service in a broad direction is seen as an expensive and probably ineffective occupation.

Therefore, Glogpor Kossi Joel and his team are invited to focus on 1-2 issues that they will be able to solve. In the future, it is possible to expand to a full-fledged trust management of the business.

Responsibility. The creation of an assistant service to control the business will imply responsibility in the event of adverse circumstances of a different nature: man-made factor, industrial accidents and other elements.

Such events may lead to casualties or, at least, harm to business. I would like to know how Akadi will react to a wide list of force majeure circumstances.

Recruitment and operational management. The selection of highly qualified specialists and operational management at specific locations will be a key issue for a startup.

Before implementing the idea, it is important to answer the question: how will staff recruitment be carried out, how their qualifications will be constantly improved, and how the service will cover a wide geography.

Monetization. Behind the idea of trust management lies the question of the monetization system of the project. In subscription systems, monetization is built around regular payments per month.

In marketplace systems, payments are made for a certain set of services or products. For a trust management business, you need to choose a suitable payment system to pay off the idea.

✅Positive aspects
Relevance. More and more people are leaving their countries for a variety of reasons. At the same time, they leave their businesses and farms at home.

Building tools around helping entrepreneurs can become a driver of the well-being of entrepreneurs and the economies of entire countries.

Scaling. The idea of helping entrepreneurs can include a whole range of services: from trust management to coaching.

Therefore, the idea of Akadi will be able to start its development with point questions and gradually expand to large volumes.

Loyal audience. There are several basic significant issues for a person in the world: his health, family and his well-being. Taking care of the well-being of businessmen will allow Akadi to form a loyal audience around itself.

Having entrusted money, people will be ready to entrust more and more to the service. And trust is the most valuable resource for a developing business.

The idea seems interesting and promising for entrepreneurs and related areas. However, its formation is associated with the solution of many point and conceptual issues.

We wish Glogpor Kossi Joel and his team great success on his journey!
Vacuum Power Generation
by Bhoomesh
Overall Impression
When we saw the pitch for the first time, it sincerely impressed our team. This idea strongly depends upon the physical world and rules of physics, that is why we were surprised in a positive manner.

However, we asked ourselves how it could be possible to implement such a startup and generate profit from it. Despite this question, we became interested in analyzing this pitch.

Video-Pitch Analysis
Examining the pitch itself, we found some issues to talk about. First of all, the quality of pitch is normal - we can see the pitcher well and listen to his idea without any disturbing visual factors.

Secondly, background sound is almost absent, which improves the understanding of the ideas concept.

Nevertheless, there is one point to advance during the pitch presentation - flow of speech. While you are presenting something, you should make it clear and control the pace.

The competitive market is difficult to specify, however, we could state that it consists of energetical companies, which produce any sources or generate electricity at least.

That would be difficult to compete without unfair advantage, however we believe the author developed it. Still, if the idea is realized, it will gain world attraction rapidly.

Pros/Cons of the Idea

Originality. Due to the lack of unique sources of energy generation, the technology, used in the startup, may be original and unique.

Demand. As was said before, the realization of such a startup would bring maximum attention from the world energetic companies and governments of various countries, causing fast development and financial improvement.

Difficult realization. Physically, it is impossible to implement this idea nowadays. Nevertheless, we have not seen all the details of the concepts realization, that is why the way how an idea is going to be developed matters a lot.

Teamwork. This startup needs a team of professionals, who are highly educated in physics and other technical disciplines to maintain the working process and development of Vacuum Power Generation.

Market Potential
Vacuum Power Generation is considered to be enormously demanded in the world if it becomes a reality. Not only companies, but countries may become interested in buying the technology of creating electricity from vacuum.

Thus, the startup would easily become a boom on the market and reach top sales. However, the main issue is its creation, since nothing similar has not been implemented yet.

Our team wishes you good luck and hopes you achieve all your career goals!
Kasrat Kar
by Sumit Singh and Pankaj Jadhav
Leon Rebelsky Shares His Perspective on This Week Idea 🙌
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Today we’ll delve into Kasrat Kar by Sumit Singh and Pankaj Jadhav.

Key takeaways:
🔸The idea is to make sure people who love sport can go to a gym wherever they are.
🔸The idea is very difficult to implement.
🔸The authors will have to put much effort to bring all these clubs together.
🔸If the founders set up a revenue distribution process, the idea is going to take off.
We Move
by Joan Addy
Briefly about the idea
The author proposes to create a platform for organizing the delivery of oversized goods on the local market.

General overview
This is a necessary tool in developing countries, since the prevalence of Internet services and is inferior to developed regions. Some of the opportunities in a number of countries are not presented in any form.

🆘Possible difficulties
Technical difficulties. The application will guarantee the quality of delivery of products within the country.

We would like to clarify with Joan Addy how she and her team will approach the selection of couriers and creation of a fleet of various cars (from passenger cars to trucks with a refrigerator function) to meet the needs of a particular country.

We would also like to receive a comment on the road infrastructure and possible solutions to the logistics problem.

It is known that in African countries, on average, less than half of all residents live in the city. It means that maintaining the quality of delivery to rural areas via dirt roads is getting severe when developing a delivery service.

First customers and uniqueness. As mentioned above, delivery services are poorly distributed on the African continent.

However, we would like to know who will be the first target audience of the service, as well as what innovation the application will be able to bring to the global delivery service.

Firstly, the startup should acquire several regular B2B clients with whom it will be possible to build long-term relationships, and who will be able to fund the development of the service at the first stages.

Service development. I’m wondering how the platform will be able to adapt to the conditions of Africa in terms of the prevalence of Internet coverage of countries.

According to public sources, only up to 10% of the population uses the Internet. This fact creates an additional difficulties in the development of the service.

✅Positive aspects
Relevance. The development of African countries is impossible without the creation of clear and convenient applications for the transportation of people, goods, cargo, etc.

The platform will accelerate the economic development of individual countries by creating jobs, as well as by forming a market for the transportation of any cargo.

Convenient format. The development of the electronic platform is not constrained by the framework of a classic taxi company or delivery service.

Therefore, the introduction of electronic platforms will allow businesses to quickly adapt to new conditions and solve key problems.

Uber experience. The creation of an African analogue of Uber opens up great opportunities for the introduction of the experience of an international giant in the local market.

Advanced methods with adaptation to the local client will allow you to build a strong business model and prevent banal mistakes at the first stages.

The idea is 100% useful and meaningful for the target audience of the service, as well as for the entire continent as a whole.

However, its formation is associated with the solution of many general and specific tasks. We wish Joan Addy and her team great success on this journey!